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10 Years of Sinegal Estate

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10 Years of Sinegal Estate


It is with great joy and gratitude that we write to you today to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Sinegal Estate! It has been an incredible journey these past 10 years, and we are so proud of what we have accomplished together.

When we first arrived on the scene in 2013, we had a dream of creating not just a winery that would celebrate the unique terroir of Napa Valley and produce wines that were both delicious and expressive, but also to be responsible stewards of this sanctuary that the estate resides on.

None of this would have been possible without the support of our loyal members, clients, friends, and family. Thank you for believing in us and for supporting our journey. We could not have done it without you.

As we celebrate our 10th anniversary, we are looking forward to the next 10 years. We are committed to continuing to produce the highest quality wines possible while also providing a space for you to escape and unwind.

Thank you again for your support.

We raise a glass to the next 10 years!

In The Vineyard

This winter/spring has been hallmarked by record breaking rainfall and cold temperatures. While this has relieved our short term water needs, it has by no means ended the drought. We continue to do our part to conserve through reduced watering and water recycling. 

All signs point to this being a bountiful vintage, however, the harvest will be later as there was a late bud break due to the wet and cold weather. The quality is yet to be determined as this could shorten the growing season. We will continue to monitor conditions over the coming weeks before making any definitive conclusions about the 2023 vintage. The vines look healthy and happy. 

At the Winery

In March, we had the first evaluation of our 2022 vintage wines through a primary blend wine tasting. This evaluation is crucial for us, as it happens after the harvest season and helps us determine the backbone of each wine in our portfolio. Our wine making team and vintners tasted all the micro-lots of wines during this phase. We were pleased to discover that despite a challenging harvest, the wine making team had done a fantastic job in the winery and produced  some beautiful wines.

During April and May, we focus on bottling our wines. This process is crucial as it allows us to capture the essence of the wine. It is always an exciting time, especially this year as we will be introducing a new wine. We are thrilled to announce that this fall we will release our first-ever 100 year Old Vine Zinfandel from the Wildwood Vineyard. This wine embodies our signature style of balance, elegance and accuracy to the varietal.