David Sinegal

Vintner and General Manager

Never one to sit still for long, David Sinegal’s work experience runs the gamut from Costco and Frito Lay to start-up and joint venture companies. David is a keen business strategist and visionary with a passion for marketing and innovation. And, of course, an unabashedly obsessive eye for detail.

Don’t let the casual vibe of the Estate fool you. David believes that in order to do anything well, one must be fully invested. That’s why he and his family now live on the property – so he can sleep at the “office.” Being at the Estate full-time inspires David every day to create a 360-degree guest experience that includes exceptional wine, delicious food, and a remarkable environment.

大卫•西内格(David Sinegal)


大卫•西内格时刻处于停不下来的状态,他工作经验丰富,曾在Costco、Frito Lay以及许多初创公司和合资企业就职。他是一位富有远见、眼光敏锐的商业战略家,对营销和创新充满热情,而且极其注重细节。 酒庄的氛围休闲轻松,但这只是表面现象。大卫认为,要做好任何一件事,就必须全身心投入,所以他和家人现在住在酒庄,以便“晚上可以直接睡在办公室”。大卫每天身处于酒庄内,致力于打造360度全方位的宾客体验,让宾客尽享美酒佳肴和舒适轻松的环境。

Ryan Knoth


With a lifelong passion for food and wine, Ryan realized – during an inspiring trip to wine country – that his dream was to have a career that
allowed him to work with the land while creating a product that would be enjoyed by many.

Since joining the wine industry, Ryan has had the pleasure of working under the expert tutelage of David Abreu, Michel Rolland, and Fredrik Johansson at Staglin Family Vineyard and Jim Barbour & Philippe Melka at Gandona Winery.

He joined Sinegal Estate in its infancy and is excited to be applying his background of science and winemaking to crafting distinct
and elegant wines from this historic estate.

Beth Cook

Director of Hospitality & Client Management

There is nothing Beth loves more than meaningfully connecting with people and helping organizations find their voice—both of which she is thrilled to do at Sinegal Estate.

For over a decade, she was a marketing and public relations consultant in San Francisco, successfully launching and growing dozens of small businesses—until her passion for wine took over and she moved to Napa Valley in 2014.

Beth feels honored to have worked with lauded industry veteran Kerrin Laz, Checkerboard Vineyards, and ADAMVS during her wine country tenure, and to now have the opportunity to bring her interpersonal and business strengths to the Sinegal Estate team.

Trevor Antognini

Director of Operations

Growing up in Northern California in a multi-generational agriculture family, Trevor Antognini loves the outdoors.

Working with his father, a contractor, and his uncle, a landscape contractor, Trevor learned the skills to manage such highly regarded wine estates as Peter Michael Winery and the Sloan Estate in Rutherford.

At the Sinegal Estate, Trevor stewards the legacy of the property – managing the grounds, facilities and ensuring that every guest has an exceptional experience.

特雷弗•安东尼尼(Trevor Antognini)